Free Vintage Fashion Graphic: 1915 Women's Vintage Hair and Collar Fashion Clip Art

This is a pretty vintage illustration from a 1915 clothes catalog showing both hair and collar fashion. I love the loose way the hair style is done up in the back. It's very simple and chic. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this image. Enjoy!


  1. Very beautiful and stylish, I would love to make a card with her but I'm not sure what best suits this type of image, can anyone help?

  2. It is a great image, and I think it's versatile for almost any type of card, especially one for a woman. I can imagine it for a birthday card for a woman, decorated with perhaps some lace in the background or other vintagy patterned design. Anyway, that's what comes to mind first. I hope you enjoy! :-)



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