Free Vintage Digital Journaling Spot: Vintage Curtain Design Journaling Spot

This is another vintage journaling spot created with a vintage curtain illustration. These graphic designs of curtain designs are perfect for journaling spots. I've given you the .jpg and .png files of this image, as well as a few colorized versions for fun. Enjoy!


  1. You are so clever to have looked at the curtain design graphic and think of framing a journaling spot with them! They're lovely. I think they would also work well as labels... or as tags, perhaps with a stamped image of a Victorian chair or piano in the center.

    Thank you for the pretty colorized versions, too!


  2. Thank you, Pat! I appreciate your kind words :-) Yes, I've actually thought of creating labels as well. They're perfect for that. You've given me inspiration! And, you are so welcome.



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