Vintage Curtain Design: Graphic Design of Vintage Curtain Treatment and Design with Window Extension

Here's another pretty graphic design from my vintage curtain design book. This is a simple curtain design, but it's still very charming. Just think how cute this would be printed out, colored in, and placed on the front of a greeting card? However, image how interesting it would be if you also cut the paper up the middle of the image and folded the pieces apart, as if the curtains were opening?! Then, have a sentiment revealed underneath. Ya know, I think I'm gonna do that! I hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow very impressive!You have done such a great job here keep it up..

  2. Thanks for this image. That'a a great idea to split the curtain up the middle to reveal a hidden sentiment. I would love to see a pic if you do : )

  3. Hi Carolyn, this is beautiful, thankyou so much for sharing. Oooh can feel a Christmas Scene coming on with this window Lol xxx



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