Flower Clip Art: Hot Pink Rose Clip Art from Victorian Die Cut

This hot pink rose clip art is gorgeous! This is a small Victorian die cut from my 1879 scrapbook. The color is simply stunning. I love the contrast of the lime-green and hot pink together. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Carolyn, please don't take this the wrong way but I looked at this rose image and fell about laughing, don't know if you ever watched "The Little Shop Of Horrors" with the singing plant, when I first looked at this image that thought shot in my head (however, I can be a bit strange like that Lol). I can certainly do loads with this rise it such a lovely image. Thankyou for sharing. Hugs xx

  2. LOL! Wendy, that is too funny! Well, now that I look at this image, with that thought in my head, of course I see it too. It's those two inner petals, darn their placement! ;-) Thanks for your comment. I love it! Nothing wrong with being a bit strange. My sense of humor can be a bit strange as well, so I really appreciate your very special perspective. Glad you like this rose. it is really pretty.




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