Digital Collage Sheet: Vintage Illustration of Parts of a Human Skeleton from Medical Book

Here's a ready-made digital collage sheet of parts of the human skeleton. I found this in a vintage medical book. This is a bit odd for Antique Images, but I thought it too interesting not to share. I hope you enjoy and find a creative use for it.


  1. Do you remember the hinged puppets, where the joints are held with brads and you pull strings top and bottom to make the puppets arms and legs move, well you may just have inspired me with these Lol, you also gave me a giggle Lol. Thankyou so much for sharing, many Blessings x
    Wendy xx

  2. Ya know, Wendy, I was thinking that same thing! That would make a great Halloween project for decorations :-) Thanks for sharing your idea!




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