Black and White Illustration: 4 Clip Art of Hand Holding Vintage Pen

This image of a hand holding a vintage pen is from a vintage book on etiquette. As you can tell from several of my posts, I love colorizing black and white illustrations after I've digitized them. It makes them so much more versatile for projects. I hope you enjoy this piece of writing clip art.


  1. Thankyou so much. I am sure you can read my mind Lol. Have been looking for a graphic just like this to go with an inkpot, quill and old fashioned candle lamp to try and make up a vintage scene for a Fathers Day Design. Fab quality. I should have just asked. Hugs
    Wendy xx

  2. You're very welcome! Glad my psychic abilities kicked in for you! ;-) Actually, I have a couple more hand images that are similar to this one above, and I'll be posting those sooner rather than later for you, Wendy. Thanks for letting me know that you are interested in these images. Helps me a lot. And, your project sounds really great. Have fun!


  3. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for posting this!

  4. Wonderful! So glad it's perfect for you :-) You're so welcome!



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