Valentine's Day Clip Art Antique Postcard Red Hearts and Birds

I recently found this little treasure in a local antique shop just in time for Valentine's Day. Isn't it sweet? The graphics and colors are wonderful, and I've got lots of plans for this incredible image. Actually, I've been altering it a bit with my photo editing software, having fun of course, so I've also provided two other versions of this image for you. Hopefully, they will help your creativity.

Whether it's a Valentine's Day Card, a gift tag, a hang tag, a simple decoration, or a scrapbooking element, these other versions without the words can be used for almost anything you can imagine. I hope you enjoy playing with these images.


  1. This is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Carolyn,
    I am so glad you are well and back to blogging, I missed you. This blog and your ETSY shop provide such beautiful images and inspiration that I would routinely check back here hoping you would return and here you are!
    So heres to you and your health and a great digitally artistic 2012.

    XOX Tracy

  3. @ Peggy: You're so welcome! I hope you enjoy it.

    @ Tracy: Thank you so very much! I appreciate that a lot. It's wonderful hearing that I provide inspiration for you. Thank you tremendously for your loyalty. I wasn't sure if I'd return, and I'm so glad I was able. It's great!

    I hope you also have a wonderful, inspirational, and successful 2012!

  4. Merci , cette image est très belle.

  5. De rien! I hope you enjoy it :-)



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