Free Antique Clip Art: Antique Postcard with Beautiful Woman and Roses

It may be a bit tattered and worn, but this antique postcard is still charming. In the free space off to the lower right of the image, there's room to put in a message. I love that!


  1. So beautiful, it would be nice to use this card in a bakground. We'll see what it can be.
    // Linnea

  2. Thank you, Linnea. Wonderful! Have fun creating :-)

  3. Now, I have made a background.
    Take a look and see what you think.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely vintage images.

  4. Oh, wow! That's beautiful, Linnea! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creation. You're very creative :-) I'm so happy that one of my images has inspired you.

  5. Carolyn, you have a lot of noce clip art here. Thank you for sharing it along with your hints and tips.

    Linnea, you have a great blog site as well. I looked for this image on your page but could not find it.

  6. Nice post card i like that so much. And it is looking great in your blog. Thanks for sharing this pretty postcard.

    graphic design perth

  7. You are so generous, what beautiful images, thank you so much.



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