Free Antique Clip Art: Humorous 1908 Postcard

Isn't this a cute little postcard?! This antique postcard is from 1908. It's dated on the back on October 7th, 1908. I would have posted an image of the back of the card, but it was too badly damaged, which is a shame because I love postcard backs.


  1. You know this may not be as funny as it mother use to have to do that with my father...he was such a "tightwad"..the only way she had some "mad" money as she called it..was to do exactly what this woman is doing.
    She told me she would take as little as 5 cents at a time over the weeks and months so that he would not notice it.

    She told me this... much later in life.


  2. Thanks, Rose, for your comment! I appreciate you pointing out this sad reality that does exist in some marriages. No matter what age or year it might be, I’m sure that this is what some women must endure. While the postcard was intended to be humorous, it falls short in this day and age.

  3. Your blog is fabulous and scrumptious and your eye is that of an artist. That's why I hope you consider a suggestion, because so many of us digital artists use these to create brand new, derivative works and they must be much higher resolution. Is there any way, or any possibility, that your scans can be bigger....perhaps 3000 pixels or more? Please don't think I am taking your wonderful gifts for granted, I am not :) But a commercial artist will need to rescan and enlarge because they simply aren't large enough for a serious artist to use. I do hope you consider it, and I want to thank you for all the hard work you do!

  4. Hey, thanks for your comment and suggestion! I appreciate your in depth explanation of how these images may be used. That really helps me to better serve my readers. I want this to be an awesome resource for artists, and your comment has given me new ideas.

    Actually, I've thought of offering higher resolution images on this blog, but just wasn't sure.

    Thanks, again! I appreciate you taking the time and letting me know what you'd like to see :-)



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