Free Antique Clip Art: Antique Postcard Back Handwriting in French

I love images of handwriting. Today's image is of a postcard back full of handwriting. And, it's in French! Sorry that I can't translate, but it looks beautiful and romantic nonetheless.


  1. You both are very welcome :-) I forgot to mention in the post that this postcard is from 1911, but you can see the date at the top of the card anyway. Enjoy!

  2. Aw, I love it too. Penmanship was so elegant way back when. Thanks for sharing. Wonder what it says?

  3. Yes, I wish I knew what it said too. You're welcome, Tammy.

  4. Thank you so much...I am making some tiny gift boxes and this is purrrrfect for what I want to do!!

  5. Awesome! So glad to hear about your project. Thanks!

  6. Lovely! Thank you!

  7. It is a kind card for the new year full of spelling mistakes. It said "thank for the gift" and so on...

  8. Thank you !
    It's an happy new year card: They share children news . Excuse my english, i'm french.

  9. Hello, to thanks you for your site here is a translation...

    in the corner : Wating to give you another present.

    Loubers, december 1911, 31st.

    Dear friends.
    Today it'a new year's day, also i am far i thought it's good to write to you, to wish you a good and happy new year, so it will be more and more propser to you.
    My parents join me to wish you the same. Our litle Mimi thanks you a lot for the little gift. but it will be too small to fast as she grow up from day to day. Those who see her say it was something well done. We all are healthy, wishing this card will find you the same. Arthémon joins me to whish you also a good year. Nothing new in Loubers. Except Ida who had a little boy.
    I leave you, shaking your hand.

  10. I love French script too. This one is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. What a gorgeous postcard :)
    Thank you for sharing

  12. OH MY I love your site,just starting to make cards, your site has been so helpful.
    Thank you,your work is out standing.
    From Chicago

  13. I just love your site,thank you for sharing.
    Your projects are the best.

  14. What a lovely postcard!! I realize you posted this a long time ago, but I will translate for anyone who may come after me...

    It is today, New Year's Eve and though far away, I think I've done well. I've written to wish you a happy new year and that it will continue to be more and more prosperous for you (all). My parents join me in wishing you the same. Our little Mimi says thank you for the small gift; I assure you she is doing well, but she will not stay little for long as she is growing day by day. Those that have seen her say that something is working well! We are all in good health and hope that this card finds you the same. (NAME?) joins me in saying that he also wishes you a happy New Year. Nothing new in Loubers except Ida, who has a little boy.
    I leave you, shaking hands, Benjamine.

    That's it, a lovely post card! Out of curiosity I looked up Loubers which seems to be a small rural area which now has a population of 93!


  15. Hi there!
    I came across this page while looking for Victorian clip art. I love reading the messages as much as looking at old postcards. So here's a rough translation on this one:

    "Dear Friends

    Today is New Year's Day. Even though I am far from you, I thought to write in order to whish you all the best for the coming year, and that it may be most prosperous.

    My parents join me in wishing you the same. Our little Mimi wishes to thank you very much for the little gift. It suits her very well, but she will unfortunately outgrow it quickly as she grows day by day. Those that have seen it (I assume that this was a piece of clothing) mention how well done the work is.

    We are all in good health and hope that this card finds you are as well.

    As well, (I can't read who this is) joins me in wishing you all a Happy New Year.

    Nothing new here (can't read location name maybe Loubers?) except that (name?) had had a baby boy.

    I leave you shaking your hand (literal translation, but you get the drift), Benjamin."

    How eerie's that? Today's New Year's Eve '12



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