Free Advertisement Clip Art: Black and White Illustration of Antique Advertisement

Here's another antique advertisement example similar to yesterday's image. I've experimented a little with this one by coloring in certain areas in my photo editing software. I've done this before with other black and white illustrations, but I really didn't like how they came out. However, this image is just perfect for color! And, so is this one. I think it's the tone of the image that helps the color look so pretty.
This is an idea that helps give new life to old, black and white images and illustrations. I've given you the original, as well as my version, so you can use whatever colors you want. But, the original is beautiful by itself too.


  1. Thanks, this is great! Your coloring job works really well.

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for letting me know that you like how I colored the image :-) The black and white and color together looks very pretty.



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