Free Cat Clip Art: Antique Cat Die Cut from Victorian Scrapbook

In both .jpg and .png formats, this image of a cat is the typical depiction of felines from the Victorian Era. This kitty looks more like a wild cat than our beloved pets, but it's still an adorable image. The Victorian's were obsessed with natural history and nature, and this definitely shows in their art, especially when it comes to the cat.


  1. Carolyn, Maybe I'm nuts but I really like this wild kitty look; it's a departure and it gives them some character beyond cute. (But I prefer my own flesh and blood kitties to stay as cute as they are...) Thanks for the images!

  2. Very nice images, thanks so much for sharing all these. I'm a new follower and really enjoy your blog. Blessings, Carol Mae

  3. @ plaisanter: Yes, I do like the savage look as well, but not as much as the cute kitties;-)

    @ Carol Mae: Thanks so much! So happy that you're enjoying what I post :-)



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