Free Fashion Clip Art: Women's Antique Hat Fashion

Antique women's fashion is so interesting and quite alarming at times. I'm in the process of sewing a civil war era tea dress for a yearly competition in my town, and my education has been lots of fun. I love to sew, but I've never taken on such a project. As well as learning new sewing techniques, I've gained a better appreciation of what women had to go through wearing the vast amounts of fabric and the dreaded corset. The clothes were incredibly beautiful, but not a joy to wear most of the time.

Today's clip art is 1915 hat fashion and would be much easier and more fun to wear than a corset ;-) I've provided three different files: first, a .png file with drop shadow; second, a .png file, and last, a .jpg file.

I've posted another image of antique hat fashion at The Antique Image.

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