Free Easter Clipart: Two Easter Chicks

Here's a little extra Easter Clipart of two Easter Chicks in both .jpg and .png formats. I singled out these two little cuties from the antique postcard I posted earlier.


  1. You're welcome, Kathi! They are, aren't they? I just had to make these two little cuties a piece of clipart ;-)

  2. :-) You're very welcome, Regina! So glad you like.

  3. These chicks are too cute. Thank you so much. I am so excited for spring. I just picked up a 1901 children's book with such cute illustrations. If you are interested in any please let me know. I love so many of your images I would love a chance to share some of my stuff with you.

  4. You're welcome, Kim! Yep, Spring can't get here soon enough for me ;-)

    And thank you so much for your generosity! How kind of you to share your wonderful treasures! I'd love to see them.



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