Free Image of Antique Newspaper: Image of Historical Headline from The Los Angeles Times

This may not look like the front page of a newspaper, but this image is of a front page from The Los Angeles Times dated Wednesday Morning, January 20, 1886. This image was taken from a large book filled with reproductions of historical headlines from the newspaper. The pages are quite large, about 12 x 14 inches, so I wasn't able to scan the entire page. However, I wanted just the typed words for a project I did a while back.

I love this image because it's perfect for a background since the typed words are uniform. What I do is make an image slightly transparent before I use it as a background. This way the words give the hint of an interesting background. I usually do this to images of either typed words or handwritten words.

I've posted another image of a headline from the newspaper at The Antique Image.

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